Basic Photography Course for beginners

Focus on Basics 

Basic Photography course offered at Srini Institute of Photography in India is a step-by-step guide to beginners. Participants are trained on both the technicalities and the aesthetics. Adequate training is provided on using camera controls more creatively. Beginners will appreciate the hands-on, lucid approach that makes photography fun, easy and extremely engaging. Participants get to create beautiful images, manipulate them and even work on livewire projects.

Basic Photography course content has been specially designed for passionate beginners and serious amateurs who want to improve their image-making skills with strong fundamental knowledge.

On completing the Basic Photography course, participants can handle the DSLR cameras with great confidence. They can create visually-stunning images of  Travel. Wildlife, Streets, Photojournalism etc.,  

Basic Photography Course Content

Basic Photography course - Introduction



Light Awareness


Effective Story telling

Image Editing


Full frame Body with 24-105 mm lens. Or Cropped frame body 18-55 kit lens along with 55-250 mm lens. Laptop loaded with Photoshop software to learn basic editing .


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