Diploma in Photography & Videography course


Get ready to become a Professional Photographer 

Diploma in  Photography is a professional course. It is a  unique program that has been carefully designed by leading professionals.  Also, it aims at getting students ready to adapt to emerging technologies and enables them to communicate effectively through creative visuals.

If it’s your dream to shoot stunning pictures, live a creative life and get started on a lucrative career, you’ve got to enrol in our one-year diploma in professional photography program. .

Excellent Faculty

We have a team of experienced Faculty who are working professionals. Our mentors can guide students throughout the learning process. Faculty with strong background in photography, can provide valuable insights and mentorship.

Inspiring Syllabus

Diploma in photography course is exclusively designed for passionate photography enthusiasts who dream of evolving into professional photographers.

Syllabus incorporates practical, hands-on learning opportunities.

Assignments, projects, or fieldwork, these activities allow students to apply theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios, enhancing their practical skills.

Facilities & Equipment

diploma in photography

Srini Institute is well equipped with all the latest cameras, lighitng systems and studio accessories. Students of diploma in photography have access to modern cameras, lighting equipment, studios, is crucial for hands-on learning.

Career Opportunities

 On successful completion of Diploma in photography course, students can take up challenging assignments in various fields of professional photography such as Fashion, Lifestyle, Portraiture, Architecture, Industrial, Automobiles, Products & Table tops, Photo-journalism, Travel & Street photography,  Wedding, Wildlife & Fine art etc.

Portfolio and Marketing

diploma in photography

Diploma in Photography  course program aims to train students in all aspects of photography –  that includes setting up their own business as  freelancers and to plan & run their business in high profits.

Our diploma programs involve practical assignments and projects, allowing students to build a strong portfolio. A well-crafted portfolio is crucial for showcasing your skills. It ultimately attracts potential clients.

Students also learn well to market their skills in various ways to be successful in their profession.

Diploma in Photography Course Content

Introduction to Photography

Equipment & Accessories

Creative Process

IN-Depth study of Light

Outdoor Photography

Studio Photography

Videography & Video Editing

Digital Workflow

Business of Photography


35mm DSLR or Mirrorless camera with a Normal Lens (50mm on full frame), wide lenses and medium tele-lenses, cable release, a set of filters, shutter release, portable flash units, sturdy tripod, a computer with good configuration loaded with Adobe Photoshop software.

Students can bring any camera brand for the course such as Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Sony etc.,


Diploma in photography Students can specialise in various fields like Fashion, Products, industrial and Corporate, Wildlife and Nature, Architecture, Photo Journalism, Travel, Wedding  etc.,

Teaching Methodology

Adequate emphasis is made on both theoretical and practical modes of teaching. Students are given hands-on training at the in-house studio as well as outdoors at our large, sprawling campus. Students are also taken on assignments to scenic locales in and around Coimbatore. Slideshows, case studies and presentations are a part of regular classroom learning. A thorough analysis of all images taken by students, followed by feedback sessions ensure that students learn as they shoot.

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